Your Choice

Its Trending Thursday – and your choice matters.


New York Fashion Week has been in full swing and we are amazed at all of the technological advances and consumerism breaking into this usually elitist sector of fashion. Consumers can be a part of the process now instead of waiting months to walk into a store only to be told what buyers have chosen for them. Its the internet as usual giving the average Joe, or should we say Jane, a peek inside the tent and the ability to pre-order items. This trend is shaping what will be featured in stores and putting consumers in the front row.


Have you seen Highway To Fame? Its a buzzing new reality series that features an old school music veteran and his family starting a record label in Nashville, TN. However this label is certainly not old school – it integrates fans into the process each step of the way through its dynamic website. And not in a “text-to-vote” way. Fans can dictate many different facets of the journey even down to songs on an album. This is something we love!


Tonight, 30,000 people will descend onto the downtown LA streets to experience and purchase their favorite art with the ever so smart monthly Art Walk. Never before has there been a larger group of people checking art out together, and having such amazing choices to indulge in. LA Confidential ran a cool story today check it out here.