Fly Panda

Fly Panda, the brainchild of producer Curtis Bold, is an eccentric trio consisting of rapper Luka$ Ka$h, singer Winter Rae and DJ Curtis Bold. They have invented their own incomparable sound appropriately called “ratchet pop,” as it combines rap, EDM and pop to create a fresh, over-the-top flavor.

The group made their debut last December with their “Call Me Crazy” teaser video, which samples Carly Jepsen’s overplayed hit “Call Me Maybe.” In just a week the video exceeded 50,000 views and amassed the support of bloggers and celebrities such as Perez Hilton, Far East Movement, Tyrese Gibson, Nicole Scherzinger, and Greyson Chance. “Call Me Crazy” not only introduced the group’s funky sound but also created the #STUNT movement, with the ultimate goal of inspiring people to believe in themselves and dream big.

In May the group dropped their much-anticipated first full length EP Pandamonium which included seven high-energy, hard-hitting tracks, like “Face Drop” and “I’m Awesummm,” surely to take over the party scene. Fly Panda will have their first official show at Project Ethos Presented by Scion on Thursday, August 15th at 1Oak inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino. There is no doubt that this is only the beginning for “ratchet pop,” so join the #STUNT movement.

Download their PANDAMONIUM EP for free here!