Networking Nights

In an ever-increasing digital communication landscape, we all need a little more face time.

Project Ethos Public Relations is proud to invite you to it’s first ever Networking Nights on Tuesday, June 18th from 7:30pm – 10:30pm at Rush Street in Culver City.  This is the first in a series of multi-industry networking events to be held where business professionals can connect with one another at one of the only free networking events created by a Public Relations Agency. Brianne Bear, Executive VP of Public Relations for Project Ethos PR explains, “It’s only logical, we work with some of the most diverse and coveted contacts in the industry so why not put them all in one room together?”

Networking Nights are dedicated to providing a valuable experience with unique elements added to the mix. Among them include brief speaker presentations, digital billboards where entrepreneurs can advertise their business at no cost inside the event, streamline credentials creating an easy process to identify those attending and Project Ethos Public Relations team members on hand facilitating relationships.

In today’s expanding business climate, professionals must have connections in a variety of industries other than their own to survive. Attendees of our Networking Nights are carefully screened, providing exclusivity and reliability.