Exchange LA

After nearly two years of careful renovations and retrofitting, Exchange LA opened. This historic building once again has come to life. The venue pays homage to its rich and opulent Art Deco past, spanning 25,000 square feet and four floors. Exchange LA is a vibrant venue that functions not only as a nightclub, but also as an event venue for private parties, corporate events, live entertainment, filming location, and fashion shows.


The Los Angeles Stock Exchange Building began construction in 1929, just three days before ‘Black Thursday’ and the market collapse. The eleven-story Exchange building was designed by Samuel Lunden in the Moderne style of architecture. When the Los Angeles Stock Exchange opened its doors in 1931, the country was deep into the throws of the Great Depression. Transactions that inaugural day were valued at about $545,000 (about $7,650,000 in today’s value).

Los Angeles Stock Exchange and the San Francisco Stock Exchange merged in 1956, and became the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, which remained in the building until 1986. The building largely remained unoccupied until it underwent a massive renovation into a nightclub in 2008. All construction was supervised under the strict building guidelines that protect Historic Cultural Landmarks, since the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange Building was designated as such in 1979.