Artist & Designer James Haunt


James Haunt

In the first Ethos events, our “celebration” segment usually scheduled for 10pm or 11pm was a time for people to network, relax and dance to energized DJ sets after the fashion show. The showcases were over but the party raged on. Starting in March of last year, every Project Ethos event featured live art and encore fashion shows during its celebration segment. The new creatively robust structure would keep the showcases going all night long.

Working with Jin&Quinn and Michael Tronn of Avalon Hollywood, we added some amazing things to this time slot dubbing it the “event within the event”. One of these additions was an artist blowing up on the scene – James Haunt (introduced to us by our good friend Aaron Mostow aka Sum-In-1). After meeting with Haunt at his downtown studio, our minds were blown by both his art and a vision to paint live models on stage in an optical illusion of sorts. While models walked in encore fashion shows, and the DJ rocked the packed house, Haunt’s steady hand and laser like focus showcased a live art installation that would be talked about all year after.


Haunt in action at Ethos | photo credit: Jayson Fox

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