Event Spotlight: Fire in the Hamptons

Fire In The Hamptons, the brainchild of writer/producer/vocalist Zack Arnett, is a band whose incomparable sound lies somewhere within the folds of electro-pop and indie rock.  The group’s synth-infused standout tracks, “Stargazer,” “Humanimal,” and “Children of the Sun,” evoke an 80’s dance beat nostalgia with hints of a laidback California flavor.  Often compared to New Order and Passion Pit, Fire in the Hamptons strives to take its music beyond the realm of electro-pop and towards a direction where the band can express their creativity through storytelling.  Their full-length debut album “F.I.T.H.,” mastered by Grammy-award winning engineer Brad Blackwood, has had tracks featured on notable TV shows including “Gossip Girl” and “Jersey Shore.”  Fire in the Hamptons has built a significant underground following by performing at venues such as LA’s indie music festival “Echo Park Rising,” and opening for the artists Samantha Ronson and Youngblood Hawke.  With Aaron Bilyeu on drums, Ian Dowd on guitar, Emvy Venti on synth/piano, and Arnett as the bands frontman and vocalist, Fire in the Hamptons will without a doubt ignite the stage at Project Ethos.

– Brigette Vilicich, Project Ethos PR