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Our Youngest Participant to Hit the Stage

Charles Gitnick is not your average 11 year old. Aside from homework, skateboarding, playing video games and football, the 6th grader spends his time creating art that depicts the impact of gun violence on children. He first began experimenting with his gun art in 2011 when he took his own toy rifle and covered it with newspaper clippings about gun violence around the world. Now, his work has evolved into 3-D presentations of replica guns that are camouflaged into backgrounds with the use of acrylic paint. His gun art is both fun and bold by exhibiting multicolored and monochromatic schemes. He wouldn’t be an 11 year old if his technique didn’t involve the use a spring-loaded toy air rifle. Among other techniques, he uses a toy air rifle to apply the abstract designs. His work was featured in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach and has sold in New York and at Venice Beach Boardwalk. To see more of his gun art visit his website here.