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1 Spot Gallery: Contemporary Native American Art

A number of talented artists from 1Spot gallery will be showcasing the amazing work from contemporary indigenous artists from throughout the Southwest. It is the home of artists like Kathy Whitman Elkwoman, Jaque Frague, Melissa Melero, Patrick Dean Hubbell, and Damian Jim. Kathy Whitman is a woman of many talents including being a stone and metal sculptor, painter, jeweler, fashion and furniture designer. Jaque Fragua started out experimenting with graffiti and now travels with his paints and his creativity. He has also taken a part in the Honor the Treaties movement. Melissa Melero is a contemporary painter whose work portrays nature and culture in a distinct, abstract way. Patrick Dean Hubbell finds inspiration from everything around him to create his bold and vibrant acrylic works of art.  Finally, Dine artist and graphic designer Damian Jim, creates a variety of black and white as well as brightly colored works of art that incorporate different forms of writing. We are so excited to see what this group of talented individuals will bring with them.