YACHT at Project Ethos LA Fashion Week

What do people have to say about YACHT?

“[Second Summer] is the first song I heard in 2013 that I fell in love with” — Gawker

“Whatever lies beyond, it’s going to have a groove” — The New York Times

“Filled with irresistible hooks and beat-heavy laptop wizardry” — NPR

“Precisely programmed digital ear candy” — Rolling Stone

“Dreamy pop tracks that sound like artifacts from another planet” — Billboard

“Brainy and block-rocking rarely coexist like this” — Entertainment Weekly

“A blazing pop package… genius” — Dazed and Confused

“Artisanal cotton candy: one part Tom Tom Club, one part Yoko Ono” — The New Yorker

“Dancing and thinking at the same time—that’s their thing” — The Village Voice

“When it comes to summer soundtracks, it doesn’t get much better than YACHT” — Teen Vogue

“The propelling beats and the catchy repetitive mantras are irresistible” — Vanity Fair

“A more modern take on Suicide, Sonic Youth, Bush Tetras and ESG” — Variety

“DFA’s weirdest band” — CMJ

“Being indie rock’s Timbaland ain’t easy” — VIBE Magazine

“YACHT’s not just music, it’s a way of life” — PAPERMAG

“A triumph” (Best New Music) — Pitchfork

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